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Jean d’Amour Ngaboniza<br />
Motorcycle Taxi driver<br />
“When I was a boy my nickname was “Ife” or the fish. During the genocide I hid in the valley near Kayenzi. A woman brought me food where I was hiding which was dangerous for her. If she was caught she would be forced to kill me and she could be killed too.<br />
During the genocide this lake served in two ways. It was used to save people and used by others to kill people.<br />
During that time, It was too far to come to town and I didn’t see the lake.<br />
Even today I still love swimming and can’t go more than three days without being in the water.”<br />
<br />
<br />
My cousin still lives by the lake and I can talk to her because she is my age. What can I say to the younger ones? They don’t know. I tease her-  “Remember when we were young and you stole my potato?”<br />
 When we were kids we looked after cows on Imbabara Island. The cows swam across and we’d cross too, but in a boat.<br />
When we got home one day I put two potatoes on the fire to cook. After milking the cows I came to eat and only found one potato.<br />
My cousin insisted that there was only one. Today I tease her… “Where is my potato?” and she teases me back. She’s proud now. “Yes, I ate your potato!”<br />
Kibuye, Rwanda Photo by Brendan Bannon March 2, 2014