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Saadiya Ibrahim.19 years old. .Married with no children. ..."The day we left Mogadishu we saw people wounded, killed and many others who couldn't move because they were very sick, there were people running in all directions.  It was raining.  ..War is something very bad, it's bad for people's brains and their health.  .I can never forget because the war was going on a long time.  I have family and friends that I've lost - all my uncles are dead.  They're all just innocent victims.  ...The only feeling I have for the people fighting in Mogadishu is to pray for them.  I will pray for God to restore their minds to normal so they will stop what they are doing.  .Before the war, Mogadishu was very beautiful - there were good businesses, houses.  Now all this is destroyed, no business, people are not living happily because they're worried - this is the picture now.  .