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Idi Abdi Hared, 10 years old and Farah, 5 years old.  Both residents of State House IDp camp..."I like playing football, my team in Man U.. .I like playing football because it's the only game.  It helps me not disturb my mum in the house.  I help her if she asks me to clean the house or go and buy things..I've been here for three years - me and my family came from Abaye. I have two brothers and three sisters.  ..I like it here because it's my home now.  I have friends to play with.  I also go to school..My favorite lesson is Somali.  ..When I grow up, I'd like to be a seaman so I can travel.  I would like to go to Libya and Ethiopia...Anything that is bad, I don't like.  I don't like people disturbing or depressing me.  Sometimes the other children I play with do bad things, because I'm in the group, my mum beats me as well.  .Girls don't play football with us - which is also good because if you I hit them with the ball, I get the blame.  .There was only one person in our family who was working to get food for us - my older brother - but now he's married and works for his wife instead.  ..When I grow up I will work for my mum.  ..I want to tell people that we don't have playgrounds or a place to play.  We also don't have a medical centre so we also need that.  ..Now, stop your questions, I'm tired." ..