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A stand of trees outside of  Musanze caves. Musanze caves, recently opened as a tourism location in Rwanda. " In 1994 they killed people and threw them here. We saw it when they came to take the bodies from the caves after and bury them together somewhere.<br />
Tourist are coming  to visit now, but before when we didn’t have water we’d go into the  caves to fetch water.  There are springs in the caves with water. <br />
People believe they were created by King Ruganzu- he was special and strong and could pass from one hill through to another one.<br />
We belive King Ruganzo had a fantastic power. If he wanted to disappear  he could pass through the mountain entering through a small small hole and exiting through a big hole somewhere else.<br />
 The king was full of power <br />
 There’s  no special thing to use the caves for  other than those who are asthmatic. There is a bat and if you share water with that bat  this can heal the person having asthma.<br />
We still do this today. There are people who are always chasing this bat.<br />
If you give the bat water and share with that kid  and release the bat the sickness will go from the child’s body and leave in the bat’s body." - Hussein<br />
 a local man.