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Kenya/Somali refugees. Fatuma Abdi Ali, a farmer from Dinsor Somalia weaves a cord to build her hut as her son Jama Jalaf stands by.  They arrived in Dagahaley camp July 28, 2011  after walking 20 days through Somalia and Kenya. " I am 40 years old, my husband and other children have all died, I have only my son Jama left. We were farmers of sorgum and kept a few cows. Life was good. We  had sorgum to eat and cows for milk. But it didn't rain for two years so we couldn't plant and our cows all died. Our choice was between life and death. We saw many dead and chose life by moving on. The only ones left in Dinsor will be those too weak to walk, the old and the disabled and only God knows what will become of them. I think  that they will just die there. There is nothing to eat and nothing to drink. I wwill tell the world  that there are more and more walking to Kenya and they will need the help of God and a world that cares," said Ali. UNHCR/ Brendan Bannon/ August 2011