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Baby Pim, who was delivered by his mother Nyalam  2 months prematurely, in Nasir PHCC. Two of her other sons are here with her, helping her look after Pim..She explains the special relationship she has developed with Renske, the doctor and head of obstetrics in Nasir: ?The doctor comes all the time to check if the baby has complications, like low temperature or high temperature, if the baby did not feed well. She is the one who takes care of them - she even took immediate action when she saw he was in a bad condition?..When he was born, Nyalam didn?t think that her child would survive, as he was so small and wasn?t strong enough to breastfeed. She asked Renske to name him, explaining:  ?I wanted to call my baby with the name of a white person, because this baby was born in the hands of white people. Maybe now Pim will stay alive and not die?. Renske?s first thought was to name the baby after her brother, Pim, whose name could easily be pronounced in South Sudan. "The baby needed a strong name and my brother is very strong,".Renske  explained..Baby Pim was is now gaining weight every day and was transferred to the TFC, as he was stable and needed extra support to gain weight.