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Magic  water, Healing water hot springs. "My name is Martin. After the genocide I started keeping this place clean. It used to be a place for slaughtering chicken, goats and pig. The hot water helped us remove the hair and clean the slaughtered  animals.<br />
The  mayor told me  to keep the place clean and that if I did people would donate small money to me.I’ve been keeping it clean and getting something from people ever since.<br />
 People believe that the waters are magic and medicine. If people have pain on the knee or in muscles they come and get massage.<br />
If I have a pain I come in the morning and treat myself and then I am fine for the day. The waters work. Look I am 92 years old.<br />
Because of this water I am still fit. Look at my  new daughter, she is 4 years old. See the water keeps me fresh! I can still produce children." said Martin  the caretaker as  others bathed and sought treatment in the hotspirngs near Gisenyi, Rwanda on lake Kivu. Photo by Brendan Bannon March 5, 2014