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Jawahir a recent arrival to Statehouse IDP camp. She fled Mogadishu after her husband and 3 of her children were killed. She went first to Afgooye- an IDP camp near mogadishu. Then she made the perilous journey by road to Hargeysa.." In Afgooye there  was a big problem. there was little water and very little food. There's no help. We had only Hargeysa in our minds. We came seeking peace and (here) we found it..According to OXFAM almost half of  Somalia's population- 3.2 million people are in need of emergency aid. Over a million people have  been  forced to flee thier homes. The delivery of aid is also extremely challenging today in  Somalia "Aid agencies are able to provide only a fraction of the assistance needed because of extreme violence and the trageting of aid workers. 37 aid workers were killed trying to do thier jobs since the start of 2008."