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Alec Grace with 15 month old Odonkero Fred, being examined by Dr Eamonn Vitt...Grace came to the clinic because of Fred's fever and vomiting. She is waiting on the results of Fred's HIV test. Grace was diagnosed HIV positive during pregnancy and followed PMCTC to try to keep her child HIV-free. Life is challenging for her in Madi Opei. Her husband is looking for work as a mason, she and her family face stigma and discrimination..."I came her because my child was sick. He was vomiting and had a fever. The last time we were here his blood was tested for HIV but the result was negative." .Fred has been tested for HIV 3 times now, the first two times were negative, and now Grace is waiting for the results of the third test. She followed the PMTCT program and delivered the child at Madi Opei health centre. All she can do now is wait for the results. Her other children have not yet been tested. She was diagnosed to be HIV+ in May 2008.."My older sister died of HIV/AIDS so I was aware of it being around. When I was told I was positive I was angry at first. When I found out there is a treatment I felt better. My first husband must have infected me, both he and his first wife died. I have a new husband now, he is also HIV+, we have been together now for four years..It is hard to stay in Madi Opei. Living right in the middle, the community is stigmatizing them. People make a lot of comments about them and it also very hard to find food..Her husband left for Sudan a couple of days ago with their other children. He is a mason and he went to look for work. .