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At the IPD Amato Susan (20) is sitting on her bed with her 7 month old girl Atih-Bedo Brenda. The mother is HIV-positive and is now waiting to find out whether her child is infected with the virus. Brenda was sick, vomiting and dehydrated, so her mother decided to take her to the hospital. She was diagnosed with Malaria, for which HIV infected children are especially vulnerable. ..Susan was diagnosed with HIV in August 2008. "After I received the test results which said I was HIV-positive I was very angry at my husband for giving this to me.  I was also scared, I knew that I had to get treatment for me and my child. .I have many difficulties, I am in a Satellite Camp with my husband's family, but we have very little money to buy porridge for my child. I survive on relatives helping me out sometimes and I work in the field.  My husband repairs bikes by the road. Most of the time I am alone, I don't live where my own family is in Mucwini. Usually I get up in the morning and make porridge, I work in the garden and stay alone for the rest of the day.".