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“This cow, named Defeating Heroes, is 3 years old and was a gift from my father.<br />
There are two sons. My brother and I.  I respected my father so he gave me the cow. My father called the family and  gave me the cow, my brother wasn’t angry and I was very honored with the gift of the cow.<br />
Since he gave it to me I can do whatever I want. <br />
I still have another, the child of this cow. So I’ve chosen to sell this one and  buy a parcel of land. The land will be more useful than having two cows. Here you need land to cultivate and feed the family<br />
We’ll sell the cow and bring beer to father to thank him, then I will go and buy land. I have his permission and he  knows that I will sell the cow.<br />
The cow will bring 250,000  Rwandan francs  or  $375.00.”<br />
Cattle are sold on the road before they reach the auction site in Kivuruga, Rwanda. Photo by  Brendan Bannon. March 5, 2014