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A woman resting in an archway of "STATE HOUSE"..A brutal campaign of repression by Siad Barre's regime led to civil war in Somalia in 1988.  Hundreds of thousands of people fled for their lives.  Somalilanders fought for their independence and as one of the key battlegrounds, Hargeisa was all but destroyed.  Its people returned in 1992 to find their homes destroyed, their livelihoods gone and nowhere to go in a city they had previously called their own.      ..Many settled in waves in the bombed out building and grounds of State House...Built in 1952 in anticipation of a visit by Queen Elizabeth II, State House was the jewel in British Somaliland's crown - host to dignatories and home to the Governor of the Protectorate who would entertain on its golf course and in its gardens.  ..29,000 people now call State House home.  Amongst the barren landscape, flimsy shelters, broken glass, rusty nails and in the derelict shadow of the former State House has sprung a city.  Its people are both legacy and testament to wars gone by and current conflict in Somalia.  .