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.In the isolation ward of the Madi Opei health centre in northern Uganda  is, Alum Elder. She is 7 months pregnant and HIV-positive. Because of her pregnancy and her HIV status her immune system is very vulnerable. She has been diagnosed with TB, but since the drugs needed to treat the TB alter her metabolism, the ARV's don't work. She will receive second-line HIV treatment which is normally not used for pregnant women in their 3rd trimester, but in her case there is no other option. She has another child, Emanuel, he is also HIV-positive.  ..Alum Elder is from Okol Kal Parish close to Mucwini where she grew up.  It is about a half hour drive from the Madi Opei health centre. Scorned by her family, she has been staying in the isolation ward for one and a half weeks during her TB  treatment. She was diagnosed with TB in 2008. ..Her son, Emannuel, is getting treatment and Elder is very happy about that. With her first pregnancy she did not get treatment and she was very often feeling bad. Now that she is following the PMTCT program she really hopes for her child to be healthy. .