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Jawahir."I was born in Mogadishu.  ..I fled Mogadishu because of war.  I was there during the war, but then it came too close -I lost my husband.  ..I went first to Afgooye - I was there for one and a half months.  There's a very big problem because there is no water and very little food.  There's no help.  .We ran away to Afgooye - that's how we became safe.  ..Three of my children died, they were caught in the crossfire.  They were fleeing from fighting, but they got caught.  This happened just before we left.  .We came seeking peace and we found it.  We had only Hargeysa in our minds.  ..Inside Mogadishu, we used to run from one place to another to keep safe.  .We would move at dawn with the children walking from place to place.  .If you want to know how your friends are in Mogadishu, you go to a phone booth and call them.  It's impossibly dangerous to visit them.  ..After the Ethiopians left, things divided along tribal lines, they're fighting among themselves - the names they give themselves is just to hide the clan. ..So many innocent people are living in Mogadishu.  Every day a number of them die and they're not the ones fighting.  ..They go out to look for daily bread, they die.  ..Somebody must go out and look for food and water.  It's luck.  If they come back we eat.  .It's very sad when kids lose their parents. The parents go out sometimes and never come back. ..Days later the children leave the house to look for them and they get lost and maybe that's their end.  Every day, people are leaving but still there are people living in Mogadishu.  .I feel very bad because the war has touched me, it's touched my kids.  Now we are here - I don't know how I would cope without the help of my neighbors.  ..I was isolated because I could go to see loved ones and they couldn't come to me.  Everyone lives the same in Mogadishu.  ..Now that I have peace, I have lost hope of going back to Mogadishu.  In the future, I want to stay and work here. I would love for my childr