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Displaced woman Nyabok Yien washes pots and pans as her children play on the compound of thier host. Nyabok Yien, 30 years old, fled to Nasir to escape attacks in Jonglei state with 5 children. She explains ?I come from Ulak. It was attacked in March [2012], on the same day as Dengjok village. When Ulak was attacked, many people died in the attack. Those who came to attack Ulak killed many people, children, women and even men. That is why we came to Nasir. The fighting happened between the Lou Nuer in Akobo and the Murle, which killed all the children and women. They are not leaving any person, which is why we came here. Only the men remain in Akobo..I left after the attack. My husband died last year, so I came here with my five children. I came with a boat. It took 2 days by boat. I did not have to pay, as it was the government?s boat.?..?I did not bring anything with me. All my belongings were taken by those who attacked Ulak. Five people from my family were killed in the attack.?..?When we arrived in Nasir, all the people welcomed us. I came here because these people are my family. People went to join their parents, because the people form Akobo and from Nasir are one family. I am living with my aunty. 5 adult men and 4 adult women, with many children, now live in this compound.?