State House IDP Camp Somalia

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The porch of State House IDP camp in Hargeysa, Somaliland. The former residence of Britain's colonial governor is now home to 29,000 internally displaced people..According to Ishmail Ibrahim Farah a memeber of the camp's security commitee "Some people have been here 17 years, some people have grown up here and now they have their own houses ( are married). .."You can see now how I'm living and the conditions are very bad.  I would prefer to get recognition for my country (the  breakaway republic of Somaliland) rather than have a better life.  Then the next generation, my children, can be part of the international community.  That will happen when god agrees and wants it to happen.  This is the most important thing - getting recognition.  If we get that, we will share with the rest of the world everything, but now we are isolated, it's not just me that thinks this - everyone does - men and women likewise. " . ....