State House IDP Camp Somalia

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Halima Bashir Sheikh, a refugee from Mogadishu, currently stays in stae House IDP camp with four of her 8 children..."I came from Mogadishu  and have been at State House three months. .War and fighting made me leave Mogadishu, it took me ten days to get here, ten days of difficulty.  ..There's been war for some time, but this time it got worse.  As soon as the Ethiopians came - the face of the war changed - there was raping of women and the killing of children. . .I came here by bus.  All the small possessions I had were looted, we were very frightened because we didn't know where we were going or what would happen to us on the way. .I have five children.  I gave birth to eight, but three died in the war. ..I would like the world to know we're living with problems.  We've escaped from a bigger problem - a lack of security.  But now we're also living a desperate life.  I would ask them to help calm down Mogadishu. ..If God wishes, we will see peace in Mogadishu.  But as far as I can see, it's far from settling down.  ..Imagine, you hear the sound of bullets - you don' know where they're coming from and you're running fro your life, this is war.  Many people died, many innocent people.  There's only one place people are living now in Mogadishu - in Medina district - they can live there because insurgents are in the other areas.  I lived in Taleh.  I had a rented house with its own verandah, own toilet and kitchen - it was a big brick house with five rooms.  It was partially destroyed during the war. ..The only feeling I have for the people fighting in Mogadishu is to pray for them.  I will pray for God to restore their minds to normal so they will stop what they are doing.  .Before the war, Mogadishu was very beautiful - there were good businesses, houses.  Now all this is destroyed, no business, people are not living happily because they're worried - this is the picture now.  ...Peace is very sweet.  When my kids leave the house, to go to school or play I can cook fo