HIV- AIDS in Uganda

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Opira Isaac (8), living with his grandmother, Achola Kelementina (age unknown). Isaac is HIV+ and lost his parents 5 years ago. His grandmother takes care of him and his 4 brothers and sisters. They live in Madi Opei, Uganda in a more secluded and less densely populated part of town. It is about a ten-minute walk from the health centre. ..When his father died of AIDS Isaac and his family were taken to his grandmother by his fathers family who did not want to take care of the children or the mother who was also suffering from AIDS. Kelementina took care of her daughter until she died. Then the family of her son-in-law came to pick up her body for the burial and left the children with her. Kelementina is living in her tukul with the 5 children and two of her older children. One of them is in his twenties and has polio so sits in a wheelchair. Unfortunately there are no tires on the chair anymore, so he cannot use it. He cannot do much during the day and drinks a lot. Kelementina says she cannot care for her household like she wants to because she is getting old and does not have much strength any more...When Isaac was about 3 or 4 years old he was sick all the time. He had Malaria, Diarrhea, fevers and rashes. He was brought to the HIV clinic and found out to be positive. Now that he is healthy again, he does not remember that he felt sick. His grandmother reminds him that he was never playing, always staying inside and very sad. She says it was very painful to see. Now that he is healthy, Kelementina hopes she will be alive for a very long time so that she can make sure he gets the care he needs and so she can look after him. If she would die now, she hopes her oldest grandson, who is in technical school, can find a job so he can look after Isaac. So far Isaac is the only one of the children who has been tested. Isaac goes to school and likes to draw and play football in the evening after he comes back from fetching water..