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I tried to show the skill and precision so I kept trying to take a photo of a ball mid air heading towards the goal.  I tried the first time and a second time but failed and caught the ball returning from the bounce. The third time I tried to preempt the boy and it succeeded in a great way. Apart from that, you can also tell the time from the long shadows. The red background behind goalkeeper is just wonderful because it is red and sun rays reflecting against it giving beautiful effect. MOST IMPORTANT PICTURE CAPTION: I liked this picture because it has a bit of professionalism in it. Although it was taken at the beginning of the course and we had not learned a lot at the time, but I presented something different. The glow of sunlight on the wall created a rich, interesting color. At the beginning I found it quite difficult to capture the ball suspended in the air, but I didn't give up and I tried several times until I made it. What also made it more beautiful, were the shadows and how tall they were, which let us  know when the picture was taken. It was indeed the perfect moment for that picture.