AIDS in Kenya: Homa Bay

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The mother of Brenda and Quinda is patient number 11,634. She is sick with AIDS and, on October 8, 2008, she began taking antiretroviral drugs...Brenda is 13 and is taking care of her mother. Day by day she has seen small improvements since the drug therapy began. When her six month old brother died in September, Brenda vowed not to leave her mother to die also..."I have to fetch food and firewood and be sure that my mother is washed and cleaned every day. I am the one giving my mother the drugs at 7 am and 7 pm..."As a child, I am taking the responsibility of being a mother to my mother. Some people tell me to leave her alone that she is already a dead person. I have forgiven them for saying this and I continue to care for my mother. I am happy she is taking the medications and improving.".